Level 2 Certificate in Apparel, Footwear, Leather or Textile Production (Framework Level 2) - 500/6576/2

This apprenticeship is made up of both onsite learning at Fashion Enter and work-based learning. With the support of a training provider units can be selected to create a tailored training package suitable for the required role.


This technical certificate is made up of 7 units (21 credits, 180 guided learning hours):

  • Introduction and history of the apparel, footwear, leather or textiles industry (D/600/1718)
  • Understanding health and saftey and associated employer rights and responsibilities within the apparel, footwear, leather or textile industry (K/600/1723)
  • Developing working relationships within the apparel, footwear, leather or textile industry (T/600/1725)
  • Maintain quality standards in apparel, footwear, leather or textile production (F/600/1727)
  • Apparel manufacturing techniques - the production process (J/600/1728)
  • Apparel manufacturing techniques - sewing and making up operations (L/600/1729)
  • Materials used in the manufacture of apparel (L/600/1732)

Tehia McDermot

From Stitching Academy Level 1 to June Sarpong’s apprentice, Tehia has excelled since enrolling with the FTA.

“I am so overjoyed that I have been selected for this unique apprenticeship at this stage of my life. I have been dedicated in finding the best route to a career in Fashion. The timing feels like destiny. This opportunity will prepare me for a future that I have envisioned for myself. This is an amazing experience that I will make the most of. I look forward to learning, working hard and embracing the adventure that this opportunity will bring. Thank you!”

George Filkins

“When I was at Langley Park School for Boys my best subject was DT. I loved getting my hands dirty and making things and it was my best subject at school. When I left school I didn't know what to do but my friend Zac told me about his mom who runs apprenticeships. I came to the Factory and I really liked how busy it was and then I met Kyri from K Sewing. Kyri said I could train to be a machine mechanic and it's such a sick job. Every day is different and I meet loads of people. Uni wasn't for me but this apprenticeships is right. One of my highlights so far was winning an award for commitment and dedication and I got to meet Alex Pritchard player for Tottenham Hotspur.”




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