Educational Visits

Factory Tours of the Fashion Enter garment factory in London

Since 2006 Fashion Enter has provided learners at HE, FE and secondary schools with a unique insight into the world of fashion. With its SMETA and Fast Forward audited factory educational site visits are undertaken for students to understand how the complete production process works from fabric delivery through to final garment packing and delivery.

The two-hour visit includes an introduction to Fashion Enter and its core activities which reviews the following:

  • from large scale production, to sampling, to education and training 
  • the manufacturing process of a garment – from initial idea right through to delivery – The Garment Life Cycle 
  • what makes The Factory SMETA and Fast Forward approved and how it is a fully-compliant factory 
  • a tour of the factory including a review of the cutting table, industrial machines, flat bed and over-locker and quality control stations 
  • a tour of the Fashion Studio for patterns, grading, toiles, sampling and small production runs 
  • a tour of the FTA to understand the training opportunities available from Level 1 and 2 practical courses in stitching and pattern cutting to the fashion and textiles apprenticeship programme
  • an observational exercise for would be buyers and designers
  • Q and A session.

Weekly tours take place with a wide cross section of students including the Fashion Retail Academy, Ravensbourne, Bath Spa University, Graveney School, Regents University, University of East London and the Princes Trust.

To enquire about a site visit for your students or to discuss a more in-depth, tailor-made workshop, please contact education@fashion-enter.com

Learner Testimonials

"I have learnt lots about the industry. I feel much more confident now in my knowledge of the industry, especially about buyers and sampling. I really enjoyed the tour and found it very interesting and informative."

Esme - Graveney School

"I have gained so much knowledge from this. I didn’t realise how many different things go in to the production process, I feel like it was really good to see certain things we learn about being put into practice."

Jessica - Ravensbourne

"Today has taught me how a UK factory works. From the sample to the finished garment and how the factory plans the production to be ready… It was a very useful experience."

Victoria - Regents University

"Jenny is really knowledgeable in her field from her buying background which really comes across as she knows what to expect of a factory and doesn’t compromise her beliefs – therefore today I have learnt the importance of compliance and organisation."

Ella - Fasion Retail Academy

"I have learnt in this seminar exactly all the work it takes to produce a garment from start to finish including timing (with the barcode system) and pricing. I thought the trip was really beneficial and enjoyed looking around. Was interested to hear about the opportunities offered here. I will definitely be looking into taking an apprenticeship now I know what is available to me!"

Sophia - The Princes Trust

Tutor Testimonial

"It was a fantastic experience for the BTEC LEVEL 3 fashion and clothing students - who are preparing to go onto degrees or work in industry. This visit allowed students to put into perspective some of the job opportunities that are available within the fashion industry. They totally enjoyed learning about the garment cycle and seeing first hand employees creating garments for reputable high street stores and e-tailing companies.

I think this sort of visit is so important to students studying fashion as it gives them a real life experience of what it's like to work in the fashion industry. I think it's so important in education that students visit fashion studios or factories because it allows them to get valuable insight into what it takes to work in the fashion industry. Moreover students can also get an indication of the range jobs that are available - in particular working in a factory setting. An excellent learning experience for one and all! "