Fashion Appreciation Online Seminar with Deborah Shulton

You can't make a silk purse from a sow’s ear yet many new and start-up brands do not realise the fundamentals about fabric properties, construction and weaves. There are always problems with start-up brands finding the right fabric especially if they want organic or accredited fabrics so Deborah Shulton’s masterclass, held on the 8th April 2020, was in much demand with 33 signed up and 27 participants engaging on Zoom.

The N17 Creative Callings programme for the Tottenham area supported by the GLA and the ESF, is a unique two-year programme that allows creatives from Tottenham to have hand-holding mentoring and coaching for their business that is already registered and set up to trade within Tottenham. Now that we are all on lockdown it's difficult to restrict people to the postcode area and as we do not discriminate anyway with a postcode lottery all were welcome to hear the wisdom of fabric expert Deborah Shulton.

Deborah was a fabric technologist at M&S and she worked at M&S at the same time as Fashion-Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway. Jenny was in buying and was a selector for T43 formal blouses, she then moved on to knitwear and finally was the selector for Tailoring for two-years. Both had outstanding training with M&S and the pair often comment that they couldn't have had any better training than the heyday of M&S - when they were the largest and most successful retailer on the high street.

Deborah's seminar was literally amazing! Carefully prepared and excellently illustrated throughout the 2.5 hours. She provided easy-to-follow guides and examples. In Deborah's infamous chatty style she answered all questions and queries relating to her detailed seminar that covered the following areas:

Plant fibres

Natural v man made fabrics

The difference between staple and filament fibres

Fibre facts for cotton, wool polyester etc.

How to create fabric - woven, weft and warp knitted fabrics

Common weaves in fabrics

Twills and weaves yarn

What are gauges and how to identify them

Rib structures

Single knits

2 x 2 Rib jersey knits

Common knit constructions

Jacquard v Intarsia

Printing types

Summary test!

Deborah offers direct mentoring sessions and coaching sessions too so do not hesitate to make contact.

Thank-you to all the participants that attended and also for your lovely feedback too!

Until the next seminar on Wednesday 15th April at 10am Sampling and Production with Caroline Ash.

Feedback from the session included:

“I learnt about different fabrics in this session.”

“Most useful information was fabric compositions and the different wefts and designs.”

“I enjoyed the part about the different kinds of weaving and the patterns/effects you can create.”

“Fab! Thank-you.”

“This was very important at this time and also would be good whilst doing live tutorials classroom sessions whilst teaching.”

“Very informative session regarding fabrics and how to approach a buyer, how to present yourself and how to go ahead.”

“Thanks very much for putting this on.”