Award - Quality Control (500/4308/0)

This Quality Control course is where you can learn the fundamentals of finishing procedures and quality control of sewn products.

What you will study:

You will study 2 units, totalling 13 credits which, upon successful completion, will gain you the ABC Level 1 Award in Fashion and Textiles.

Introduction to Finishing Procedures for Sewn Products, 9 credits

You will learn how to demonstrate an understanding of finishing procedures for sewn products. This includes how to identify and describe the actions for puckering, distorted seams, skipped stitches and loose threads. You will gain knowledge about AQL (acceptable quality level) and demonstrating an inspection of product/s using the correct documentation and procedures.

Quality Control of a Sewn Product, 4 credits

You will be taught a basic understanding of fabric qualities and faults. This includes identifying the main stages of the pre-production, production and post-production inspection process. Describing the impact of checks on production and generating an MDA (merchandise delivery authorisation).

How you will be taught

This is a very hands on course so right from the start, you will be learning practical processes. You will be inducted into Health and Safety procedures and policies to ensure you work safely amongst your fellow learners and teachers. Your progress will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure you are getting the most from the course.

What can I do once I have completed the course?

Upon successfully completing the course, you can seek employment with your new found skills course.

Theodora Adjepong

“I always thought quality control was the last part of the garment to make sure it was perfect but actually I was totally wrong. Quality control is constantly occurring during the entire garment life cycle from when you first source the fabric and components to cutting, to machining, to finishing and pressing. Quality control is inherent in everything to do with the garment and this course is a must for all fashion designers”

Tehia McDermot

From Stitching Academy Level 1 to June Sarpong’s apprentice, Tehia has excelled since enrolling with the FTA.

“I am so overjoyed that I have been selected for this unique apprenticeship at this stage of my life. I have been dedicated in finding the best route to a career in Fashion. The timing feels like destiny. This opportunity will prepare me for a future that I have envisioned for myself. This is an amazing experience that I will make the most of. I look forward to learning, working hard and embracing the adventure that this opportunity will bring. Thank you!”

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Duration: 6 weeks
Tuition: Mon - Fri,  4 hours per day

* Fee remission is available to those unemployed, looking for work and receiving valid benefits, and not on the work programme.